Alain Markusfeld is a songwriter performer, guitars and keyboards instrumentalist, born 6 April 1950 Paris, at La Butte Montmartre in Paris, France.

He has many influences and mainly the Bulgarian choirs, traditional music of Burundi, Indian music as well as  Ravi Shankar, Dominic Frontiere, Jimi Hendrix, Terry Riley, Lalo Schifrin Jo Zawinul, Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis, Wayne Shorter,Keith Jarret, Weather Report .


Teenager ,he set up two groups "les Don Dièses"and "Les Alizés". He composes and plays in various Parisian cabarets, as well as at the Golf Drouot.


"Les Don Dièses in competition at Levallois with Bernard Besecque on drums"



1968 He was hired by the humorist Coluche at the theater La Méthode Ancienne in Paris as a singer.


1970  First published record "Le Monde en Etages", with Jean Claude Michaud on bass, Jean Schultheis on drums, organ, piano and vibraphone, Bernard Duplaix bassoon, flute and saxophone, Jean Pierre (Rolling) Azoulay on guitar, and Tommy Brown on drums, Claude Achallé and Denis Lable on sound recording.


Concerts at Golf Drouot and Gibus.Paris


1971  Second album  "Le Son tombé du ciel", recorded at Strawberry Studios in the castle of Hérouville by Dominique Blanc Francard. Alain is on guitar and vocals, Joel Dugreno of the Zao Group on bass and double bass, Géza Fenzl of the Dynasty Crisis Group on drums and percussion and Laurent Thibault on the electric piano.


Fete de l'Humanité in trio with Jean Schultheis and Jean Claude Michaud.


He also composed the music for the film La Cravache (Director Pierre Kalfon)


1972  He composed and recorded La Croix debModez and L'Epave along with Jean Claude Michaud, Jean Schultheis, recorded by Dominique Blanc Francart.


1973  He released a single titled "Le Gluemour" on which he plays acoustic and electric guitar, with on the b-side the title "Le Requin Central". The Gluemour is chosen by Sam Bernett as the music of his radio show Super Club on RTL .


1976   Studio cessions at the Aquarium and at studio Damiens, the tunes have never been published.


Concerts at Bilboquet in Paris


1977  Release of "Le Desert Noir", he is playing guitars, bass and keyboards. Jean François Leroy on drums and percussion, album including also cessions recorded at Studio Damien, with Patricia Pernoo on vocals, Coco Ameziane on percussion and Didier Alexandre bass on Bulgarian-feld.

The same year, he joined the Joan Pau Verdier group with which he composed tunes as Taboo the cat and Easy Cat Rock.

They will performed at La Fête de l'Humanité in front of 120,000 people and also at le Theatre de la Ville in Paris and will participate in the first edition of the festival Le Printemps de Bourges.

From left to right: Jacques Verrecchia, Jean Claude Michaud, Jean Francois Leroy,Joan Pau Verdier, Anita Bonan et Alain Markusfeld


1978 Few concerts in duo with Michel Ripoche, including the edition 1978 of Le Printemps de Bourges.

Release of the album "Platock", with Jean Schultheis, percussions and Patricia Pernoo,voices as well as Claude Achallé, sounds recording.

Shows at Le Lucernaire and Le Palais des Arts.


3 juillet 1978: Concert at the Olympia, guitare solo


1979 Release of "Contemporus" on which he plays in full all parts: piano and electroacoustic guitar, organ, percussion, triangle, cymbals, marimba, harmonica, hanclaps and voice. American press by JEM Records.


1980 Tournée in Belgium, in Bruxelles at the Travers and at the Liège.


Jazz Festival in Nancy


Guitare Magazine interview : Composing and playing music in France in 1980 is a kind of heroism! "


1981 Producing and publishing “Alain Markusfeld double live”, recorded in public and on which he plays piano and guitar.


1982 Bretagne Tour.


1984  Release of « Les rêves de Calypso » (Town's gold on the b-side), sound recording Alain Pype.


1989/1990 He composed "Le Fleuve" (unpublished).


1992 Re-CD edition of the album "Power 13 + 2", 1971 with "Iguane" piece collective


2012 Released a CD "Roll over the Eiger Trail" compilation of tracks from the 70s/80s along with new tunes


2015  Released of "Le Cri du Photon Solitaire", with the title "EASY CALVADOS BLUES BAND "

Ouest France Interview « Composing, it is natural »

TSF Interview « Music is The Universal language »


2017 Release in September of the CD “CHAOS OR NOT?”

"This interrogation can  be applied to many domains...

I do not have the answer (or rather the answers).

My only way to react in front of these Questionnings is to pursue my work as "a musical craftman".

A picture takes form, any sorts of forms...

The space filled with sounds, then empties as well as in 'Chaos dancing (by moolight)", the last composition I recorded for this album.

I tried to make it feel a certain nostalgia, the space and may be under the moolight, the perception of the air around us, the fragility of the life, on our boat named The Earth.

By listening to these compositions, some could ask themselves questions...

At least I hope so!!

Well, no!

There is no other instrumentalists in this album, and no programmings either.

Good listening"


















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